Vim in Space: Day 6 (Rails)

I say today was Rails, but actually I didn’t get further than making a new project πŸ™‚ I got distracted with all the shiny Spacemacs toys and iTerm themes – my current favourite is MaterialDark. Fun! Rails Layer Spacemacs ofcourse has a lovely ‘ruby-on-rails’ layer that you can add to the .spacemacs file in the […]

Vim in Space: Day 5 (Ruby)

Ongoing notes and cheatsheet here. Well, today was quite the adventure. I wanted to make a tiny Rails app, to see how spacemacs handles when I am programming rather than note taking. In reality, I made one controller and one spec file that tested that true was true, and spent most of my time getting […]

Vim in Space: Day 4

Ongoing notes and cheatsheet here. Today was a sad day, I reached the end of the evil vim tutor. Sad, sad times. Β It was excellent though and I learned so much – would definitely recommend doing this. I’ve really benefitted by using Spacemacs to write markdown notes on what I learned to create the notes, […]

Vim In Space: Day 2

Ongoing notes and cheatsheet here. I managed to run emacs in the terminal instead of as a standalone app today, that was pretty neat! Interestingly, I’m finding it a lot easier to learn Vim this time around (I tried on and off at the start of the year) having spent time learning to touch type […]

Vim In Space: Day 1

Ongoing notes and cheatsheet here. I’ve decided to go for Spacemacs as my terminal editor, mainly because my colleagues told me to πŸ˜‰ Hopefully I will be able to understand it’s power as I go further on my Vim journey. It seems to be a pumped up version of the Emacs editor with a whole […]