Git Reflog To The Rescue

Git reflog provides an audit trail of all the actions you have taken in git. The magical thing about it is that we can use it to recover from catastrophic failures, like when you accidentally do a git reset with the –hard flag when you didn’t mean to and hadn’t pushed it to remote – […]

On Pair Programming

Pair programming is a model that I’ve always been interested in but in my experience it’s extremely hard to find places that commit to doing it regularly. This isn’t helped by the fact that trying to sell pair programming as an idea is hard since we are effectively doubling the resources required and thus the price […]

The Importance of Junior Developers

I recorded a little ditty today for the fabulous Jessica Rose on the topic of toxic workplaces, from a twitter thread that she started. My contribution was regarding the presence of junior developers on a team, and what this can mean for the culture of an organisation. It’s inspired me to jot down my thoughts on […]

Nicely Coloured Vim

So I’m starting on my magical vim journey, if only to make doing git commits / rebasing etc less hassle. Obviously I’ve got to make it look nice before I can be productive, so I thought I’d share an approach to using a custom colour scheme with you. Plug In Manager The easiest way to solve […]

Be More Efren

You’ll have to trust me on this, but there’s a surprising amount of analogies with playing pool and developing software. Back in 2005 Efren Reyes and Mike Sigel, two of the greatest players that have ever lived, faced each other in the King of the Hill tournament for $200k – the largest prize money that […]

ES6 Promises For Human Beings

There’s too many complicated examples of promises on the interwebs and I’m just so bored of them. Let’s have a look at a fairly easy example to get our heads around them. tl;dr: before code is here after code is here The Problem Callbacks get us into this sort of v-shaped nightmare, where we have lots […]