Share Your Salary Ranges 2 - Salary Deflation

A popular tactic instead of publishing salary ranges on job ads (or disclosing them in the process) is to instead base offers on the candidate’s current salary.

Let’s talk about why that’s BS

A study by the Economic Policy Institute found that women in the United States make, on average, 82 cents for every dollar that men make. This gap is even wider for women of colour. The study found that black women make 63 cents and Hispanic women make 54 cents for every dollar white men make.

If we use this a guide then by using this tactic you are instantly paying people up to 46% less than the white male equivalent from day one and propagating salary deflation. UK tech start ups reportedly have the worst gender pay gap in Europe, so let’s not make that worse.

A candidate’s current salary has nothing to do with the role in the company they are applying for. Assess them fairly, benchmark against your current staff to ensure they are not getting a raw deal versus inbound hires and offer appropriately based on their skills.

Publish your salaries. No excuses.