Introverted Leaders

Never let anyone say you can’t be a leader if you are an introvert.

Extroversion or introversion has nothing to do with your ability to lead. And introversion does not equate to social awkwardness or inability to communicate.

“Social anxiety is not just an extreme form of introversion. Introversion is related to social energy, while social anxiety is a mental health condition related to fear of social interactions.”
Mental Health America

I’m an introvert that presents as an extrovert. I can talk to most people in most situations and enjoy public speaking and attending events, but it costs me energy, and I need alone time to recharge. I don’t need social interaction to get energy like an extrovert does; that’s the difference.

Being in busier or more active social environments isn’t necessarily anxiety-inducing for [introverts] - they just know it will take a lot more energy to be “on.”
Mental Health America

Your tendency to introversion or extroversion may colour and influence your leadership style, but it does not prohibit it one way or the other.

Leading is about connection, active listening, genuine interest and clear communication. Not extroversion.