No Openssl Found - Erlang / Asdf

If you get this error ‘No usable OpenSSL found’ when trying to install Erlang, you may have to point it explicitly to where your openssl installation is.

First, try updating the plugin in asdf.

asdf plugin-update erlang

If that doesn’t fix the issue, add the following to your terminal config (e.g. .zshrc). Put in the correct version of openssl that you have installed.

export KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--disable-debug --disable-silent-rules --without-javac --enable-shared-zlib --enable-dynamic-ssl-lib --enable-hipe --enable-sctp --enable-smp-support --enable-threads --enable-kernel-poll --enable-wx --enable-darwin-64bit --with-ssl=/usr/local/Cellar/openssl@1.1"