Remote Work is Safer Work

Have you ever wondered how safe your colleagues feel during their commute or in the office?
Safety is a privilege, and we don’t talk about it enough.

Here are 5 real examples of how remote work makes a world of difference to me and my safety as a woman in tech.

❌ Intimidating strangers who don’t respect personal boundaries on the bus.
✅ Only physically interacting with people I choose and feel safe with.

❌ Navigating dark streets, always on the alert for being followed.
✅ Going out when I need a break in an area I know.

❌ Leaving the office last and wondering who might be waiting for me.
✅ Working in a safe environment that I control and create.

❌ Unwanted ‘watercooler moments’ of hair touching and physical contact.
✅ Virtual calls completely eliminate any kind of unwanted contact.

❌ Giving feedback in person and getting objects and insults thrown my way.
✅ Virtual calls level the playing field with no room for physical harm.

While I appreciate having the option to visit the office when I choose, it’s essential to recognise the unique benefits remote work brings, especially for women and their safety.

➡️ Challenge to all leaders: Get curious about your teams’ in-office and commute experiences. If your company is pushing for a return to the office, it’s time to listen and re-evaluate if you want to retain the diversity of existing and inbound staff.

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