Atlassian Remote Work Report

Atlassian have just published an excellent β€˜1000 days of distributed work’ report.

Since 2020 they have allowed their employees to choose where they work, whether it’s at home, in one of their offices, a mix of both or even abroad for 90 days.

And guess what?

πŸ’‘ The number of candidates they attract has doubled. πŸ’‘ Offer acceptance for candidates is up 20%. πŸ’‘ The representation of women in certain geos has doubled. πŸ’‘ 91% of employees say it’s an important reason why they stay at Atlassian.

Atlassian have altered their mindset to focus on: βœ… How people work. βœ… Meaningful office experiences. βœ… Operationalising their company values. βœ… Setting clear goals and tracking them (a key exec challenge that actually affects productivity). βœ… Running effective and useful meetings.

Instead of ❌ Where people work. ❌ Mandating office attendance . ❌ Relying on physical space and contact to build culture. ❌ Rewarding face time and proximity bias.

Meanwhile only 1 in 3 CEOs think their RTO policy has had even a slight positive impact on productivity

So you know how I keep saying that the companies that embrace flexible and distributed working are going to leave the competitors for dust?

This is what that looks like, and it’s already happening.

Full report link here:

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