coaching and mentoring

I am an ILM qualified coach that works in partnership with my clients to help them discover clarity, purpose and joy in their work. Through thoughtful questioning and guidance, I inspire them to choose courage over comfort and unlock the confidence to perform at their best. Whether you are a member of the c-suite in need of an executive thinking partner or an engineer that has just transitioned to management, my services will be able to support you in your journey.

I hold a Level 5 ILM qualification in coaching and mentoring, as well as being Dare to Lead and Leaders Who Coach trained.

I currently mentor many founders via the Barclays Eagle Labs scheme, and Codebase Techscaler program. In particular I can help with:

  • Your first technical hire into a startup
  • Technical vision and implementation
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Building a healthy culture in remote teams
  • Career coaching for individuals
  • Management training for new managers

If private remote 1:1 coaching is of interest to you get in touch.


With a strong growth mindset, Valerie is constantly pushing the boundaries to bring out the best in herself and others around her. Valerie’s dedication to learning, sharing knowledge and wisdom has uplifted and accelerated the growth of so many people around her. She’s passionate about creating safe environments for people to thrive and achieve.

I have personally learnt so much working closely with Valerie on initiatives that have made an impact on the performance of individuals and teams. Valerie has extraordinary listening skills and an uncanny ability to ask the right questions at the right time. I admire Valerie’s technical acumen and emotional intelligence to drive things forward.

– Kishor Patel, VP Engineering @ Vortexa

Valerie’s passion for people is incredible, she actively goes above and beyond to ensure that the team she hired was both compassionate and high performing. Valerie has spent time on researching how to be a good leader, and it’s definitely paid off - she has used that knowledge to get the best out of all the engineers she manages. She had cultivated such a supportive, compassionate, and collaborative environment, she ensured that everyone’s voices and opinions were heard, and that they felt safe enough to share.

She is such a strong and inspiring leader, if you ever have a chance to work with her, you’re in for a treat.

– Puyan San, Lead Engineer @ Ooni

Everyone that encounters Val is drawn in by her energy, enthusiasm, technical prowess but most importantly and also what I would class as her standout attribute: her desire to improve people. You will find it hard to find a more passionate people manager anywhere.

Every business around could do with a Val type character working for them, she is a breath of fresh air and would do everything in her power to look after her people.

Stephen Hill, Former Director @ Neogen Recruitment