I work in partnership with my clients to help them discover clarity, purpose and joy in their work. Through thoughtful questioning and guidance, I inspire them to choose courage over comfort and unlock the confidence to perform at their best.

I am Dare to Lead and Leaders Who Coach trained, as well as undertaking my ILM level 5 qualification in coaching and mentoring.

I have helped several clients who are:

  • New to management and leadership, or wishing to further hone their skills.
  • In tech leadership positions looking for a thinking partner.
  • Feeling stuck or lost in their situation or career.
  • Needing help with inclusive hiring and onboarding processes.

If private remote 1:1 coaching is of interest to you get in touch.

I believe we spend so much time at work that if we can make it as joyful as possible for ourselves and others, we can lead more fulfilling lives while being more successful in business.

I wish to inspire and elevate others to their true potential, enabling them to find grounded confidence and courage. I hope to use this to grow the next generation of leaders that build compassionate companies where people can find and spread joy for the long term while being the voice that advocates for them.

Career Coaching

My career coaching service is a subset of my work that can include but is not limited to:

  • Identifying and overcoming potential obstacles to being at peak performance.
  • Recognising, utilising and growing existing skills.
  • Discovering growth areas for progression.
  • Building a sense of grounded confidence with humility and openness.
  • Exploration of personal values and how to use them to excel.
  • Self-sponsorship techniques.
  • Formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action for the short and long term.
  • Developing emotional awareness and regulation.
  • Overcoming the feeling of being ‘stuck’.
  • Longer-term career trajectory planning.